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  • r  - community
    maybe academic center erps should not call the stroke team emergenly when they feel strongly that someone should not get tpa. otherwise it's just ranting.
    also, 90 yr old with deficits not a great option. i'd risk the bleed myself. all or nothing here.
  • Harshad Wadhar  - MD
    You are right, this is insane. The hospitals like the tPa administration because the difference in reimbursement for stroke with tpa vs without tpa is close to 6 grand. No wonder everyone is after being a stroke center. I want to tatoo on my head NO TPA FOR ME.
  • Jon  - Resident
    Does anyone know the outcome of the cases which don't get tPA? Are plaintifs actually winning these cases?
  • Jem  - afraid of lawyers ?
    Yes, we are that much afraid of lawyers. ANd they will make yor life hell. The jury won't care what is right or scientific in court, most of the time
  • Grand Master G/ Sean Gorman
    We need to talk to our patients and family. Give them the statistics, give them our opinion, and tell them we want to work together to do the right thing. BTW are they outa their f'n minds?
    George, thanks for the helpful coment on gramer....fascinating!
  • michaelnh89  - MD-EP_Pit-Doc
    Great video, Mel! Keep up the great work!!!
  • Gerbs  - essential
    Common sense. Nobody seems to have it any more. I would ask the patient/family what they would prefer, and am fairly certain they would not want the TPA.
    Also George, there is a bit of a difference in how people talk compared to how they write. Again, common sense......
  • luke  - kaboum!
    all these years building a reputation, only to see it vanishing in an instant when you made that mistake...... so sad...
  • George Jenkins  - Frequent cardiac and pulmonary patient
    I hope that you are more careful with your practice than you are with your grammar. You stated that you would give "this patient" TPA for "their" condition. Please be advised "this patient" is singular; "their" is plural.
  • Robbyn  - RN, JD2B
    Ohhhhhhh...... Wow. That makes me afraid to be treated by this brilliant, caring man. I'd much rather that he be concerned about something trivial like the correct plurality usage in a sentence than teaching and practicing wonderful medicine. *rolling my eyes at you*

EMRAPTV Episode 81: tPA RANT!
A RANT about tPA and lawyers and us!
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