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  • Dr. H
    Love your humor and education as always. Keep up the good work....I am a better doc and hopefully my patients are better cared for as a result of your efforts at continuing ed.
  • Mel Herbert  - You don't get it
    Apparently Dr L you don't get the humor - as for my skill as a doc - well there you are right - not so good - but this series is pretty clearly not for you.....
  • Dr. L  - Good catch...
    Good catch... but your attitude is way to patronizing and obviously exaggerated. Really makes me doubt your videos and competency as a MD.
  • beazoar  - test
    Daddy likes this one.

    I wish you guys would do basic X-ray readings, that would be way cool.

EMRAPTV Episode 82: Dissection or not?
A case of chest pain and a false positive chest CT for aortic dissection.
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