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  • Mel  - USCEssentials
    Mike USCEssentials will not be given to CMEDwonlaod until ? Sept or so. I left teh company to do other things one of them to create a USCEssentials online at [b][/b]

    This will be the last year USC Essentials will be avialbe at CMEDwonload.

  • Mike
    Thanks for your answer. I am in my second year of CME download and joined FOR the USC essentials 08 as well as the other great thigs. I was told it would be in the "SPRING" that 08 USC would be released with no further clarification or responses to my queries as to when. I asked to get some discount to pay for the the use of USC essential site but was denied. There should be a notification that it is not readily available for a long time. I would not have re-joined. I need to get CME credits and now will have to find another site. I have been an avid fan of these sites as wel as recommendeing to my colleagues and buying for my PA. I ateended the 07 USC essentials in vegas. Mel, I am disappointed
  • Mike
    Hey Mel,
    Just wondering when USC essentials 2009 is going to be released to CME download?
  • Mel Herbert  - Editor
    I said there was no medicine here! Crap you say! I thought it was the most interesting thing I have done in 10 years!
  • dave  - seriously
    emrap rules and all but what the heck was this....
    I think you need to start a tech blog if you get this excited about surge protectors. We are here for the medicine. not this crap.

EMRAPTV Episode 74: Unboxing of Belkin - NO Medicine here!
A new segment - the unboxing of various pieces of crap that come to the EMRAP studio. This is on surge suppressors and other cool toys!