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  • Gar  - MD, EM PGY-3
    It's funny seeing the different practices at different shops. Here we would rarely call for a full 200 of succs, as 100-150 always seems to work. Furthermore we intubate nearly 100% of our patients with a Mac blade. Watching your video is a good reminder of how many right ways there are to do things.
    Do you know the definite diagnosis yet? When you talk about that difficulty with respiratory acidosis after intubation in a pt who was previously so tachypneic I think of ASA toxicity. I can't wait to hear what you found!
  • TD  - EM1
    Thanks for the extremely useful information Mel. What would us residents do without you?? However, did anyone consider using a Bipap on the above patient? If not, then why? Thanks
  • Demian Szyld  - MD
    the 10mm adaptor off of the Hi-Lo tubes is always loose. I teach all the residents to give them a push before stiletting those tubes. Nice video, D
  • JS  - EM2
    Video stops just a short ways in. Please fix.