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  • Dr m mummery  - Difficult airway
    Got called 2 the icu2 help. Criched him but still didn'nt win!! Whatnext??0
  • Eric W  - St. Anthony's Fire
    Just had a case of necrotizing fasciitis that began as cellulitis of the right face. In less than 30 hours, she had necrotic, blistering skin of the neck with airway compromise. Died 20 hours after ED presentation despite EGDT and OR debridement.
  • dr anita - Brit  - Its never enough!
    More Please and thank you for your philanthropic free contributions to our continuing education. Since we seem to lack the pathology in our patients that you have, it is greatly appreciated.

EMRAPTV Episode 67: Necrotizing Soft Tissue Infections
Stuart Swadron reviews the visual portion of the January 2009 EMRAP. Lots of pictures of necrotizing soft tissue infections.