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  • Metin Omerović  - thank you
    as the tittle says. thank you very much for the awesome lecture.

    you rock dr. Herbert
  • Hossein  - MD
    Hi, I can not see the video.
  • isuru  - Dr
    GREAT, No words to say
  • DL Campbell  - M3
    Great stuff Dr. H! One thing, "Wide, Irregular" tach was not covered. What do you and the rest of your Aussie posse consider the take-home on this, or is it concluded in another lecture?
  • Tampa Resident  - PGY1
    Thank you for this excellent lecture. I had already listened to it in my car on my iPod and I also just watched this here -- excellent lecture and VERY helpful! Thank you!
  • Sean Gorman MD  - The Big Kahuna
    Good God you are handsome Mel!
  • Mel Herbert
    Is it the lack of skin pigment, or the receding hairline that makes me so attractive?

    FOLKS - part 2 of this was bradycardia - which was posted on EMRAP.TV as a prior episode.... ? 58
  • Jason Bailey - MD, Petawawa, O
    Please give us Part 2.
    This was an excellent talk.
  • Pete  - Rural GP-Oz
    Thanks. Sensational talk. Look forward to part2 and more EMRAP.
  • Anita Sandison  - Brit \Anaesthetics
    Oh Wise One! More Please? Did you forget about us after lunch?
  • Shawn Priem DO  - PGY3
    Thanks Mel for putting this from EMRAP audio to TV. Great lecture, you have eased my rectal tone just slightly.
  • Syphon
    Great succinct review. Props on not editing out the audience interaction. Very educational.
  • Anna Marie Allen, MD--Veterans  - Outstanding lecture
    Thanks for the great review & updates. Glad to know that we are now shocking all V-tachs rather than trying multiple drugs first (after sedation of course).
  • Seema Sharma  - PGY-2
    Absolutely excellent video, looking forward to the second half.

    Seema Sharma

EMRAPTV Episode 62: Tachyarrythmias
Dr. Herbert presents a simplified approach to tachyarrythmia therapy. This relates to the September 08 EMRAP found at
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