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  • kranker
    We need this caliber of clinical teaching in Australia.. They have gone self-directed mad here and offer zero wisdom. Luckily you guys exist!
  • zafar  - Emergency Registrar,Australia
    What an excellent lecture,needs more lectures on eye emergency presentation
  • mike Wansbrough  - Emergency Physician Toronto
    Great site,
    used this in teaching today. Short concise clips are great for using during a busy shift.
    Keep them coming.
  • Rob Anderson  - Resident
    I refer others to a great website that has helped me uncover the great mystery that is the eye.
  • Dana Hendry  - ED resident
    Great lecture- more eye lectures would be wonderful! Even lectures on slit lamp exam and tono pen use would be good
  • Brian Glaser  - PA-C
    Love your site. I have found your presentations hugely helpful. I'm a new grad PA working in the ED.
  • John T. Schwent, D.O.  - emergency physician
    Excellent presentation explaing iritis. Please have more on the eye of this caliber.