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  • Mike Halberg  - Keep the hat.
    Keep the hat, keep us listening.
  • c.  - walshak is an idiot
    part of what makes emrap great is the humor and not having to listen to a monotone 100% academic lecture. a. walshak is an idiot for questioning somebodys credibility based on a hat....great hats mel!!
  • Catherine
    cute hat.
  • Jay
    Love EM Rap and EMRAPTV and your mix of great education and humor. Keep it coming. People who are don't like the hats and humor should drop your product and subscribe to an Audio Digest. Better yet, they should become orthopedists.
  • A. Walshak  - episode 42
    I constantly recommend your series and love your work, but 90 second introductions to 6 minute clips and the distracting hats and video effects on the intro hurt your credibility. EM rap and EMRAP TV are unique for your commentary, and academic passion mixed with your excellent speakers. You don't need flashy.
    Keep up the good work.
  • Jim Yen
    Nice hat Mel!

EMRAPTV Episode 42: Aortic Dissection and Radiology
Dr. Nick Testa describes some of the features of aortic dissection on plain films and CT. This episode relates to the April 2008 EMRAP found at
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