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  • Gar  - Fan
    GO BRUINS!!!
  • JRII  - PA-C
    What about the classic Thumbprint sign bro?
  • Steven Chamish-DDS
    Enjoyed the segment. I've diagnosed Ludwig's Angina twice and referred to the ED. Both wound up in the ICU. Lot's of tonsillitis here in Delaware. Although I'm no MD/DO, I feel it's important to keep up on basic medicine. P.S. In DE a dentist has to a hospital based residence to obtain a license to practice.
  • Marcia Odal MD  - Really rural
    You have a cardiologist and a surgeon? I'm jealous.

    Nobody here in this rural Texas hospital but me and the family practitioners (great guys) plus one internist. 90 mintues by ground to tertiary care, and the helicopter doesn't always fly. Agree more pearls for the specialty-referral challenged would be helpful.

    Thanks for the service: the is a hit here! All the staff watches it with me.
  • John T . Schwent D.O.
    When in rural America I recommend this patient be sent to the nearest ENT for this procedure, because it needs to be followed closely and most PCP's are not comfortable following these. I had a case today and gave Rocephin IM and Depomedrol IM and made arrangements for this patiesnt to be seen today by ENT specialist 30 miles away.
  • Torrey  - MD
    Good video. But on the lecture about foreign bodies in peds, he justs keeps telling you to call ENT, surgery, anesth.... someone. Well, were I work at times, I am someone and everyone. Then what? ?? Nearest help is an hour plus to get a plane. Please remember us poor rural folks in your series. We are the ones that REALLY need the pearls to survive out there, and "calling anyone" doesn't cut it when moments count. In your summaries, maybe share what YOU would do in that situation.
    Thanks. I love your series!!!
  • sean gorman  - MD
    I agree totally with Torrey. Thats the problem. Love the series but Torrey's point is valid. Can't get most specialists out here in rural AZ. Outside of cardiology and surgery. ENT? rarely...peds ENT? LMAO.

    Cheers Mel, keep doin it hard and long and fast.