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  • dr J Lyra  - Thanks!
    Thanks!! For helping to make it simple as all should know!!
  • Dave  - Paramedic
    You mention in BER that "there is no ST depression in the reciprocal inferior leads". The inferior leads of II, II and AVf are not reciprocal to the anterior precordial leads. Only AVl and I are truly reciprical to the inferior, correct?
  • steve  - md
    no mention of the convexity early repole? and concavity of mi?
  • jay  - resident
    I'm glad I was watching extra and learned about your site. It does make learning fun. It's like I'm watching a show. Thanks
  • jaidev  - resident
    its really good video for t wave.keep it up.

EMRAPTV Episode 34: Big T waves
Mel Herbert and Stuart Swadron review three causes of big/elevated T waves (AMI, hyperkalemia and benign early repolarization) and show some example ECGs.
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