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  • charlie  - FP doc
    Great episode. Love EMRAPTV.
  • Anonymous  - When caring is not enough
    I just wanted to say, "what you do matters" and the spirit you do it touches more lives than you'd ever imagine..
    I used to think no matter how genuine my heart and my love for my patients, I was just too stupid to continue on in my career & that maybe I maxed my capacity to learn in this field. I wake up every morning praying to God my ignorance doesn't kill a life.. What you've shown me is that there are so many ways to learn this stuff, and Yes I Can get it, with visual aids & then going back to the text. I feel so empowered... you've just saved my life.

    Have a goodbar on me :)
  • greg  - md canada
    excellent explanation, thanks mel. your cd's, courses are fantastic
  • lverre  - Dummies
    Thanks, finally the Sgarbossa criteria for Dummies
  • Sean Gorman  - damn fool
    bloody awesome. I think I "get it" now. Thanks . Keep keepin it real!
  • Nguyen  - sgarbota's criteria
    Mel, perfect explanation of discordance, and concordance, 5mm.


EMRAPTV Episode 29: LBBB in ACS
Mel Herbert reviews the Sgarbossa criteria for diagnosing ACS using ST segment changes in patients with LBBB.
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