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  • charlie
    Can't see the video. I have flash to watch videos on, but can't get the videos to work on emraptv.
  • Mark Cannis  - Insertion Step....
    Great video. One thing not mentioned that came up recently is how much do you insert the central line? There are little markers to follow but I'm never sure what is the right amount. I don't want to get into the R atrium, but I also want to make sure I'm sufficiently in.

  • Richard Lari  - MD
    Nice video. I was trained in the mid 80s, and our line of choice was this one; I find now with ultrasound though, I'm doing more subclavian (actually with u/s I guess I'm really entering the axillary vein) and IJs. How can one use ultrasound for this approach? Thanks

EMRAPTV Episode 22: Supraclavicular approach to central lines
Marius Tijunelis reviews anatomy, technique and demonstrates placement of a central line using the supraclavicular approach.
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