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  • Peter Johns  - Author of the film
    Great that some of you are using this video to help people!

    Rob, I agree with you.
    I have said in the past, that if you see dizzy patients as part of your medical practice, and you don't know how to diagnose and cure this common cause of vertigo, well, I'd call it therapeutic abandonment!
  • Rob  - Resident
    Shame on us for not doing this maneuver more often, especially now that we can finally see how to do it!
  • Hugo  - Dr
    I did this yesterday with an intern for a patient in our ED. Really cool! Thanks very much EMRAP.
  • Fish  - Dr
    hugo did it work? Love to know!

EMRAPTV Episode 9: Hallpike and Epley maneuvers
Peter Johns demonstrates the Hallpike and Epley maneuvers for benign paroxysmal positional vertigo.