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  • Em – RMO2 Syd.
    Come back home to Aus!!! Love your work but I have to agree don’t speak with the American accent – stay Aussie :)

  • Smelly Nellie NP
    Yeah a little too much Mel and not nearly enough sewing….

    What is up with that? Just saying….

  • Smelly Nellie NP
    I wish I had your energy, how much Red Bull do you drink brau?

  • brian PGY1  - Flap plus 4
    Hey I have seen this same technique used but as a "purse string" for Stellate lacerations, multiple flaps, treat the same.. Rigggght? Just a thought it really seems to not place a lot of tension and risk of necrosis towards the tips and hold together very nicely, plus less exposure of suture for removal, and only two "through the skin" punctures. Last thought please people buffer the lido….

  • asrat  - Please go the topic proper
    I like it but please stop your jock go the to the issue directly.

  • brownmiester  - I have a better faster way
    just suture the sides with one stich. then line up the apex and pour dermabond on the whole thing!! DONE!!

  • frank  - md
    just show the video, stop talking! you are so annoying. stop trying to speak in an american accent. oh i cant stand it.

  • tkim  - rez dint
    mel, your part was okay, it’s when it switched to the actual clip it sounded like audio ‘underwater’ – unable to make out words.

  • calvin  - med student
    audio and visual problem it 2 words then it starts loading. and then does that over and over again. tis not free streeming

  • SkidMD  - Just a pit doc
    Sound works good (and well, too)

  • Bed’s
    Audio is just fine here… but I’m in Canada…

  • dave  - medical student
    yeah, NO audio for me during the flap repair either….

  • Syphon
    I gots me some audio.

  • Mel Herbert  - Loser
    Working fine on my end – anyone else having an audio problem?

  • Derek
    Hi, there is no audio after your segment to go with the flap suturing.

EMRAPTV Episode 77: How to Sew a Flap
Lee Slajer reviews a technique for suturing a simple flap laceration.