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  • Gar  - another hot compress method and more crap to you..
    1) For my stye I just took a wet wash cloth, popped it in the microwave and used that for a hot compress. Worked well.
    2) I also couldn’t resist putting a needle in it. Wow that made it better!
    3) Did Belkin send you that stuff for free? If so then they did pay you for it. I’d be curious to see the stuff you liked enough to go spend your own pocket cash on, but NOTHING more. At least not in a proclaimed learning environment.

  • Mel Herbert  - Paid?
    Trust me – NO one would pay us for anything – if I EVER get anything for free.

  • Anna Marie  - Great pearls
    Thanks for the succinct videos… I like the spoon idea as a compress, but I’m not suggesting the tea kettle!

  • Ahmed  - worm compressors
    Hey Mel, My son had a Chalazion and I learned a nice trick when I was treating him .. use a potato .. they are known to hold warmth (used to feed armies in cold weather!), so you cut the potato in half, then into the microwave for about a minute and a half, take it out and have a feel of it, if temperature is right .. it gives you a worm compressor for about 15 min, you do that for 5-6 time a day .. and that did the trick.

  • Grand Master G
    Jesus Mel, it sounds like you had a hordeolum…you said u popped and drained it…. a chalazion would not drain, since its a granuloma……do u do this stuff on purpose? I think you do…..

  • george covert  - chalazion vs hordeolum
    once again you have taken the obnoxious twisted and turned it into the useful and beautiful. gkc ps. who was the wizard who said at the outset that they didn’t like your intermittent distillations. I’m proud you stood your ground. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks.

  • dave
    Ha! I got a shout-out for giving you crap?!

    You do awesome work, don’t let it get you down! I just remembered in one EMRAP you had mentioned you were going to start a tech blog/series. The unboxing just seemed like a better place to put it…

    maybe you will still consider me for residency position in a few years ;)


  • Syphon
    Is that Diet Pepsi I see in the background?! Blasphemy I say! For the love of all that’s delicious, drink Diet Coke!

  • DRD
    Freezing up just a few seconds into it but mel sure has a sexy look on his face. Lid lag + mouth open + Strabismus = SEXY

EMRAPTV Episode 75: Chalazion vs Hordeolum
Mel Herbert reviews the differences between a chalazion vs hordeolum and their management.