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  • Andrew  - Other idea…
    This idea might also work if the actual zipper is higher up away from the skin and you want to save the pants.


  • muhammad Umer  - Muhammad
    wont work as easy as shownl when flesh is ACTUALLY caught in the zipper.
    Even he slightest movement is going to cause a lot of pain to the patient.
    But till someone finds a better way to do this, we will stick with this.

  • David Lobel  - EM Attending
    I found the video useful, but it seems like in the "Something About Mary " situation, you would still have to back track over the "franks and beans", and that seems like a painful thing.

  • Rob Anderson  - Resident
    Sorry, but I’m a bit skeptical that this will work when a real slong is involved!

  • Sara
    So I actually had this scenario with a 3 year old this week. The video was a great resource and guide; however, as you might expect, trying to do this with real flesh involved makes it a little tricky. In the end no blood was shed.