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  • Dr.Jab
    Nice !!! Thanks a lot !!!

  • Travis Auty  - Great Talk
    Fantastic, no-nonsense talk. Very well explained and easy to listen to. Great job.

    Travis Auty
    Med Student, Gold Coast AUS

  • sam george  - Marvellous!
    What a great Resource,
    It is a dream come true,
    Thanks for keeping it on….

  • Matt Smith  - Fantastic Talk
    Hi Guys
    Thanks for the brilliant talk. I too am studying for the ACEM fellowship and find EMRAP TV a great resource. You are very popular over here in Sydney! Matt Smith

  • Lisa Olsen  - FNP
    Great talk, have been trying to understand this and get some concrete answers for years; for most of my docs it has become internalized and hard to teach, so thanks!

  • Vera Sistenich  - Legends
    Hi Mel!

    I’m e-mailing you from Perth (Australia) as a senior registrar in ED at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital. It’s my head-down, tail-up year studying for the ACEM Fellowship exam. To become a fellow I guess, though I’m a lass and don’t intend on gender change. Anyway, I digress… You often mention legends and give praise to the great elders and wise men and women of their fields, to those worthy of our admiration and following. Well, in my teeny, tiny bubble of a hazy microcosmos that is pre-exam study, you and your chums at EMRAP and EMRAP TV who serve up wholesome nuggets of EM in an entirely effortless and palatable way, are legends in my world. Not only that, you provide a good giggle to lighten up that study load and have made me look smart on more than one occasion. So for all this, I thank you. Greetings from Down Under. Vera Sistenich

EMRAPTV Episode 36: Benign early repolarization
Mel Herbert and Stuart Swadron review the differentiating characteristics of benign early repolarization as a cause of ST segement elevation.
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