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  • Marc Aucoin
    What about radiation for the medical staff?


  • Benjamin Powell  - Benjamin Powell- NeuroLogica Marketing Manager
    Marc Aucoin,

    That’s a great question. The CereTom is fully lead lined. This built in lead sheilding, along with aid of small lead curtains that attach to the back and front of the CereTom make it safe for medical staff. I have a program that simulates the radation scatter from the machine that I could send to you. The file is large so I could send you a share file link where you can download the file. If you would like more infomation I can send you whatever you need. We have our CereTom’s all over the world and they have been used numerous white papers and case studies.

    You can email me at bpowell@neurologica.com or call me at +1 706.714.7006. I will be back in the office on December 8th.

    Kind Regards,

    Benjamin Powell

  • Doc Mike  - CT c spine
    Nice machine guys. However for patients with possible head trauma where I work it is commonplace to scan the c-spine at the same time. Does this become an issue for you since the Ceretom can only get to C5?


  • Benjamin Powell  - Benjamin Powell- NeuroLogica Marketing

    Thank you for the complement. We are very proud of the CereTom. In Germany, they even have them in ambulences now for stroke and head trama patients.

    I’m not sure if you attended RSNA in chicago this year, but we just unvailed our latest project. It’s a 32 slice, full body, 85 cm gantry, 60 cm feild of view CT scanner that is completly portable. It plugs into a standard wall outlet, has built in lead sheilding and requires no special build just like the CereTom. The product is not yet FDA cleared, but the paper work has been submitted. This will change the way hospitals use CT. Fixed CT is about to be a thing of the past. Transporting the patient can be risky and that’s why we design all of our CT’s to be portable.

    I would be glad to email you some information.
    My email address is bpowell@neurologica.com and my phone number is +1 706 714 7006.


    Benjamin Powell
    NeuroLogica Corp.

EMRAPTV Episode 35: The Ceretom
Mel Herbert and Marius Tijunelis show off the CereTom, a portable head CT scanner. Then Mel is actually fed to the machine.
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