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  • zxcxzc  - zxczxc

  • zxcxzc  - re: zxczxc

  • bruce
    hey mel,
    as your personal trainer, i would nix your cme while you are on your bike. if you can concentrate on cme, you aren’t cranking near enough to your anaerobic threshold…..
    always a fan, bruce in brisbane

  • SP
    Hi Mel does G3 now just out overcome the flash player issue? Trully is an incredible device. …wish i’d bought apple stock years ago! For the aboe question Pepid would be insane not to launch iPhone application for this!

  • jeff hussey  - iphone
    I’m trying to consolidate all of my electronic devices (phone, ipod, palm pilot…)
    My question is: can programs like Pepid etc be run on the IPhone. It seems like the IPhone can perform all other tasks more than adequately.

EMRAPTV Episode 33: iPhone!
Mel Herbert reviews the iPhone and shows how to use the iPhone to view video lectures.
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