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  • ziggy  - cvp?
    My recommendation is you get a good icu nurse to teach you this, because this video is useless

  • Dan  - ultrasound anyone?
    I rarely place central lines in the ED anymore. I can get a very quick and easily repeatable CVP by measuring for the meniscus of the IJ venous pulsations in the right neck using linear probe ultrasound. Just like you’d measure neck veins on exam. measure the height vertically from angle of louis, add 5cm, and there you go.

  • Michael Sporty  - PGY1
    Have you read this new Chest article about CVP? Maybe you won’t need this video for much longer… we’ll see if this changes the sepsis early goal-directed therapy guidelines for next year. See the citation below.

    Chest. 2008 Jul;134(1):172-8.

  • Mel
    Ok I got it guys – we will do this bad boy again – it is confusing…..soon


  • S.
    It really is pretty easy. While deployed I taught Air Force & Army medics to do this and it takes them less than 3 minutes to set it up. It’s the same transducer/line set up for a-line or cvp.

    Part 1 has three steps: spike it, pump it, prime it.
    Part 2 has three steps: off to patient, open to air and zero, on to patient and check wave.

    Easy breezy…

  • Anonymous
    Way confused. Can we get an updated video with better description, visualization?

  • Sean Gorman  - late for AAEM dues
    agreed…bloody confusing. Would have preferred to see Joe Lex do this….but probably difficult to find him outside a lecture hall these days….

  • Anonymous
    Agree this is not a teaching video for those who don’t already know the equipment and how to connect the tubing.
    Guess there’s know substitute for being there?

  • Anonymous
    Confusing. Didn’t help me. Black box covered your field of vision sometimes. Also, camera too close or pointing at gown and not area of focus.

    What equipment and how this is set up step by step not done in a clear, concise format. I still wouldn’t know how to do this.

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EMRAPTV Episode 32: CVP measurement
Mel Herbert and Marius Tijunelis with the nurses of LA County USC demonstrate old and new school methods of CVP monitoring.
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