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  • David  - visualized–couldn’t line up tube
    I had the opportunity to try one about a month ago. I got a great view, but was unable to manipulate the end of the tube to point it at the glottis. I ended up reverting to an old style blade. Any one else have this problem (or more to the point, a solution?) Any comparisons with the AirTraq?

  • R Reinhardt  - MD
    It should be renamed….GPS for the airway! We have 2 and MIKEY LIKES IT!!

  • Anna Marie  - Great Technology
    Thanks for sharing the comparison of the two video products. We are considering ordering new equipment, and it’s important to know about the fogging of the Storz vs the glidescope.

  • demian  - question?
    why do you remove the scope before checking ETCO2 and bagging? I would leave it in until placement is comfirmed… D

  • Dave
    The best way to confirm placement is watching the ET tube pass through the cords. Why would you need to leave the scope in place?

  • Robert Wales  - CCEMPT-P
    I used the Glidescope ranger on a very anterior cadaver in class and found it remarkably simple to use. If you can intubate with a traditional laryngoscope and blade, you will have no trouble with this.
    It costs about $10,000 per unit so the cost certainly limits which EMS systems can use it, but it definitely is the best airway device on the market.

  • Anonymous
    Just curious, when do you pull the stylette? as soon as it is through the glottic opening? seems it would be difficult with that curvature to pass the tube with the stylette still in

  • John Winter DO
    [b][/b] my group just purchased this device and my 1st try was on a 300lb COPD patient with NO neck. Easy as going downhill while skiing. Well worth the money!! and the hospitalist thought I was truly a god.

  • Linda De Zago  - MSN, ARNP-C
    Fantastic device. I wonder which facilities are actually using them.

  • Mel Herbert  - Glidescope
    Only needs one person. Costs about $9000!! But worth it!

  • Lloyd G. Alch, M.D.
    Great video, seems you need two people to perform, one to hold glidescope, the other to pass tube, right?
    How much do these cost?

  • Jose Torres  - MD, airway educator
    Can you also provide video on the McGrath scope, the Pentax, and Airtraq?
    there are advantages to each of them, and disadvantages as well.
    I for one like the Airtraq for its unit price and ease of use. Finesse, and no brutane.

EMRAPTV Episode 31: Glidescope demo
Mel Herbert and Marius Tijunelis with guest John Love demonstrate using the glidescope for easy intubating!
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