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  • Andy Johanos  - MD
    Nice demonstration. I use a curved hemostat, advancing under the nail gently, spreading as you advance, to separate the nail from the bed. This avoids trauma to the bed as there is no crowbar action. Just a thought; many paths to the truth!

  • Keith  - EMT-P, PA-NC
    The PA should have just taken each matrix out because by the look of her foot – she will not be having pedicures anytime soon. Prevent the problem from coming back by preventing the nail from growing. Either a sharp scissor or a curette is great. Most Podiatrists (chiropractors of the foot i.m.o) use acid to deaden the area.

    GREAT VIDEO! Maybe better oral narration could be ‘voiced-over’ – make it like South Park or something :)

  • Jeffy
    Haven’t seen a nail like that……ever!

  • mean gene  - fnp
    I inject deposit lido proximally then distally- then without withdrawing needle angle across top of toe to oposite side injecting as you go and deposit lido on oposite side to numb so less painfull with second stick on opposite side. its a painfull procedure made less painful

    I wish the PA or doc would narrate what she is doing more….

    That was hot!

  • Michael  - Resident
    Im a little late…. what was the indication? why not just trim?

  • Katrina Green  - Yuck
    Not much gets to me these days, but that just made me nauseated!

  • Nothungryanymore
    Love how the phone rings as the nail gets yanked – added drama!

  • Ryan
    would’ve been a lot easier to just cut a hole in her shoe

  • Stacey E.  - FNP-C
    Great view of technique including the block.

    I wonder what happened to the nail. I bet the PA took it home to make an ear ring!

  • Linda De Zago  - MS, ARNP-C
    Amazing video. Loved watching the digit block and admire the simple logic of a L-shaped gauze.

  • Andy Webster  - Thats is a yucky nail
    I have seem some bad things in Emergency Medicine, but that nail has to be in the top ten.

  • Jess Gueta
    wow!! great video!!

  • richard gee
    great episode! love the L-shaped gauze.

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