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  • espresso man  - what about Taurine
    what about Taurine, is it bad for your health does it cause cancers.? does drinking colas cause osteoporosis due to to much phosphoric acid.

    americans drink too much cokes, renal failure diabetes and death. why not water and espresso

  • Hodge
    Dear Docs,
    As one of you is a former Aussie and this episode was on Caffeine, I thought you would like to know, that SIX cups of coffee – is the Queensland State Government’s antidote to sleep-deprived doctors killing and harming their patients in a haze of exhaustion.

    http://www.news.com.au/story/0,27574,26041957- 1248,00.html

  • Gar  - What article did you quote?
    The best article I know if is "Energy Drinks: The New Eye-Opener For Adolescents" By Babu, Church, Lewander in Clinical Pediatric Emergency Medicine in 2008. It gives doses of a bunch of different energy drinks, and effects.
    Summary: Caffeine doses biggest from Espresso but pretty big in energy drinks and wicked big in pills if people take a bunch. Caffeine is an adenosine antagonist so predisposes to SVT and seizures. But the important clinical picture in toxicity is the strong emetogenic effects. Patients with adrenergic effects and vomiting should prompt you to think of possible caffeine overdose.

  • JRII  - PA-C
    I was hoping this would have talked about what happens to kids that drink too much of these and if they can cause arrythmias orbad reactions in kids…..

  • Anonymous
    for sure worst episode

EMRAPTV Episode 27: Caffeinated drinks review
Marius Tijunelis and Mel Herbert review the features of various caffeinated drinks: coffee, tea, pepsi, coke, rockstar, amp, monster, tab energy, full throttle and red bull
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