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  • gps  - thank you
    thank you for this scintillating technique.

  • fred  - intra-articular injection
    why do you want a flash of blood return before injecting?

  • Colin  - Snowbird
    You should check out the Snowbird techniqe. You use intraarticular Marcaine and reduce while the pt is sitting. Actually it was developed at Snowbird ski resort where procedural sedation is not an option. Very cool technique

  • andy  - intra-articular injections
    are people using regular lidocaine which contains preservatives or cardiac lido?

  • Frank Patrick, PA  - Shoulder Reduction
    Thanks for actually giving a visualization of the scapula manipulation technique. One question, were the weights intially left in place and are weights part of the scapula reduction.

EMRAPTV Episode 21: Shoulder relocation techniques
Mel Herbert and Marius Tijunelis goof around in the new studio space. Marius then reviews the anatomy of the shoulder dislocation and demonstrates intra-articular lidocaine injection for analgesia as well as several techniques for reducing anterior shoulder dislocations (while standing by Dr. Waba) and the scapular rotational method.