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  • Gar
    Once again interesting at different shops. We use slightly different doses of meds for sedation. Being an academic institution we also have Ortho do most of our reductions, but here they do it and then cast it too (no PA to help them) and they put fiberglass instead of plaster. But that reduction looks like exactly how I’ve seen many many many done.

  • AB  - ER Staff Banff
    Can use ultrasound vascular probe to ensure adequate reduction prior to casting and post-reduction xray.

  • choppysc
    parents, don’t do this at home.

  • JG
    Brutal display of overenthusiastic reduction attempts.

EMRAPTV Episode 12: Distal radius fractures
Scott Brewster describes some of the important orthopedic issues emergency physicians need to be familiar with. Mel Herbert and Marius Tijunelis present a case of a pediatric displaced distal radius fracture and the reduction and casting of this fracture by the chief orthopedic resident Javier Descalzi.
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